The Department of Education (DoE) is the highest central administrative authority responsible for the educational affairs of Tibetans in exile.  Situated in Dharamsala, India, the DoE provides support for the educational and welfare needs of thousands of Tibetan refugee students in various Tibetan schools in India, Nepal and Bhutan.  Comprised of residential and day schools, they range from pre-primary to senior secondary level.   With the help of various foreign donors and sponsors, the DoE is currently supporting approximately 2650 students.  We are thankful to all the sponsors, donors and the Tibet Fund, New York for their assistance over many years.  As a result of this support, thousands of children have been able to attend school and many have completed their education successfully.  At present, we are receiving sponsorship for about 200 students through the Tibet Fund but more sponsors are needed as the number of impoverished children and new arrivals swell the ranks of the exile schools.

Lobsang Paljor
Date of Birth: February 14, 2001
Adm# 5657

Lobsang was born in  Tawang very poor Tibetan refugee family at the remote area of North East India. He is in grade 8 at CST, Darjeeling School. His father work as part time driver and mother is a housewife. Lobsang has one younger brother, who goes to school at his village. it is difficult for his father to manage to take care of family members. Please support Lobsang to continue his studies.

Dorjee Dhandi
Date of Birth: September 28, 2001
Adm No: 2787

Dorjee’s parents are farmers from the remote area of Tezu, North East India. He has two younger brothers, one is studying at Sambhota School and the youngest at home.  Dorjee is in grade 9 studying at CST, Kalimpong School.

Tsekan Wangmo
Date of Birth: July 6, 2007
Adm No: 2799

Tsekan is the only child from remote place of Thangu, India. Her mother is a housewife and father sell sweets in a small shop and has no fixed income.  Tsekan is in grade 3 studying at CST, Kalimpong.

Lobsang Choikey  Sponsored
Date of Birth: May 30, 2006
Adm #5731

Lobsang is 10 years old and studying in grade 6 at CST, Darjeeling. She is from Tawang, remote area of North East India. Her father is a driver and mother a housewife. She has one younger sister studying at local school at her village. Her father is the only family member who earns for their living and it’s difficult for him to provide education for his daughter. Please support Lobsang to complete her school education.

Kunchok Dhondup Sponsored
Date of Birth: March 10, 2004
Department of Education, India
Code or Roll #: WL 11960

Kunchok is a semi orphan and from a very poor family from boarder of Nepal. He joined CST, Mussoorie School in Year 2014. His father expired recently after prolonged illness. His mother is housewife. Due to financial problem, his younger brother was sent to Monastery.  Please support Kunchok to continue with his school until he completes XII grade.

Lobsang Sponsored
Date of Birth: September 2, 2004
Department of Education, India
Code or Roll #: WL 11861

Lobsang is from very remote area of Tawang, in North Eastern Part of India. In his village, most of the family depend on farming and most of the children didn’t go to school but Lobsang is lucky to get chance to study in school, he is in grade II, studying and living in CST, Kalimpong. His father is army and his mother housewife. 


Gaden Lhamo
Date of Birth: January 17, 2002
Adm No: 2781

Gaden is from very remote area of Tezu, North Eastern Part of India. Her parents are divorced, mother works at Tibetan Medical Institute. She has one elder sister studying at Nursing College and elder brother is in College. Gaden is in grade 9 studying at CST, Kalimpong. Her mother is taking care for all of her children with the support from their Uncles.


Tenzin Chokrap
Date of Birth: November 17, 2001
Adm No: 2786

Tenzin is from Tezu, remote area of North East India. He has one younger brother studying at his native village. His father is only one who earns for the family, he is in Tibetan Army, and his mother is a housewife, who takes care of her children along with their grand father


Tsewang Dorjee  Sponsored
Date of Birth: September 29, 2001
Adm No: 2780

Tsewang lost his father when he was an infant, he is from Tezu, remote area of North East India. His mother stays home. He four elder brothers, two are studying in School, one is in the army and the other brother doing business. Tsewang is in grade 9 studying at CST, Kalimpong School.

Rinzin Norbu  Sponsored
Date of Birth: January 4, 2001

Rubzub is studying in grade 8 at Bhumthang Day School, Bhutan.  He is born as physically handicapped with left leg.  His father expired and his mother runs a small shop at Bhutan to feed his family members. The only income generated form the small shop is not sufficient to take care of her family. Your generosity and support for Rinzin is highly needed.

Yeshi Lhamo  Sponsored
Date of Birth: July 2, 2004

Yeshi belongs to very poor family in Bhutan.  Her parents are farmers and depends only on agriculture. Their source of income is so low that majority of her family members are having health problem. Please support Yeshi to get a better education.

Chemet Ringzin Sponsored
Date of Birth: February 15, 2005
Department of Education, India
Code or Roll #: WL 11966

Chemet’s from Ladakh, his parents are divorced and his mother is taking care of him, she is farmer and could not earn enough to take care of Chemet.  He was sent to School with the help of the Settlement Officer at their village. Please support Chemet to complete his school.


Sonam Angdus
Date of Birth: August 16, 2002
Department of Education, India
Code or Roll #: WL 11967

Sonam is studying in grade VI at CST, Mussoorie. He love to play basketball and his favorite subject is Science. He never met his parents since he was admitted in School. He spent his vacation in school, no one to contact him since for the last two years. Please support Sonam to complete his school.

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