Jangchub Choeling Nunnery


Digital StillCameraWith the vision and support of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.  Jangchub Choeling Nunnery  is a Buddhist Center in Mundgod,Southern India. Founded in 1987. 

Today there are about 250 nuns who call Jangchub Choeling their home.  The nuns range from the age of 9 years to 76 years. Most of the nuns are from Tibet and also from different parts of India, there are nuns from foreign countries like, Bhutan, Nepal, South Korea and Taiwan.

Jangchub Choeling is an educational institution for women who vigorously pursue the study of Buddhist scriptures in the Nalanda tradition, culminating in the Geshema Degree (Doctoral Degree). 

We have ten Teachers from Gaden and Drepung Monastery, including the Abbot, philosophy, grammar and poetry teachers. One of the teacher teaches science to the students. Five of our nuns teach philosophy and English to the young nuns.

Philosophy is one of the main subjects; the nuns also study Pramana (logic), Prajnaparamita (Perfection of Wisdom), Madhyamika (Middle Way), Abhidhama (Treasure of Knowledge) and Vinaya (Monastic discipline). The nuns receive a certificate upon completion of each of the main texts.


Tenzin Tsomo

Place and Date of Birth: 14 Years Old Ladakh/Zangkar

She’s originally from Ladakh. She grew up in a poor family and was facing difficulties between her situation of going to school. During summer she needs to help her family for living their expense and lack of transportation during winter. Tenzin has got an opportunity to be well settled and  continue her studies in Jangchub Choeling Nunnery.

Dolma Tsering

Place and Date of Birth:  20 years old Nepal

Dolma Tsering is from Nepal. She came from a family background who believes in Buddhism. Dolma has always been fascinated and putting interest in learning Buddhist Philosophy. Jangchub Choeling Nunnery Mundgod has accepted Dolma to continue her study.

Kunchok, Wangmo

Place and Date of Birth:  19 years old Nepal

Kunchok Wangmo is from Nepal. Because of the poor financial state Kunchok family decided to send her to Jangchub Choeling Nunnery Mundgod. She always wanted to pursue her study on Buddhism Philosophy. She feels very lucky to be a part of it and hoping to find opportunity to learn more.

Tenzin Sherab Sponsored

Place and Date of Birth:  15 years old Ladakh/Zangkar 

She was born to impecunious parents. Her parents are not educated. Tenzin’s father and mother do farming for living. They always wanted Tenzin to have a better education and a better lifestyle then what they had. Her father is very religious in terms of Buddhism.  She follows her father footsteps. She gets an opportunity to enter in Jangchub Choeling Nunnery.  Her whole family feels blessed and overwhelming for this golden chance. She is looking forward to complete her study.

Tsering Pema Sponsored

Place and Date of Birth:  18 years old Arunachal Pradesh, India

Tsering Pema is from India. A very young nun from her community. She has learned basic Buddhism from her family and nunnery around her community. Tsering is seeking for higher level of Buddhism practice. She is being accepted by Jangchub Choeling Nunnery Mundgod. Tsering feels blessed and looking for support so she can continue her studies.

Kunchok Dolma

Place and Date of Birth:  18 years old Nepal

Kunchok Dolma is from Nepal. She has been shifted from Nepal’s nunnery to Jangchub Choeling Nunnery Mundgod. Kunchok is nun for very long period of time. Due to lack of facilities of nuns in Nepal. She struggled in moving from one place to another.


Tenzin Yangdol

Place and Date of Birth:  16 years old Ladak/Zangkar

Tenzin Yangdol comes from a poor background. Her family lives in an area far away from a major population center. Tenzin used to study in Leh. Due to lack of teacher’s presence school were not receiving proper education system. Tenzin decided to join Jangchub Choeling Nunnery She feels very fortunate for this opportunity and looking forward to continue more.

Tsering Youdon Sponsored

Place and Date of Birth:  22 years old Ladak/Zangkar

Tsering Youden is from Ladakh. As a child she grew up in an isolated family where, every day they struggle for living. Today, Tsering’s in Jangchub Choeling Nunnery Mundgod and feels fortunate to be a part of it. She is seeking for a fully support to further her study.

Tenzin Sheyen Sponsored

Place and Date of Birth: 13 year old Ladakh/Zangkar

Tenzin parents does farming for living. She lives in a remote area where there is lack of transportation and a long distance from their school. Due to many reason Tenzin was having difficulties in attending school. After her several efforts she got an opportunity to enter in Jangchub Choeling Nunnery Mundgog. Tenzin is looking for further support for her continuous education.

Pema Yangzom Sponsored

Place and Date of Birth:  23 years old Ladakh

Pema second name is Padma. She has been practicing Buddhism in Ladakh since childhood. In order to learn more on Buddhism Philosophy, she moved to Jangchub Choeling Nunnery Mundgod. Pema is thankful to her parents and Nunnery for this bright opportunity and for her future.


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