Cultural & Religious Preservation

The Tibet Fund has long recognized the sustaining role that Tibetan history, culture and religion play in maintaining the spirit and vitality of the Tibetan people. Since its founding, Tibet Fund has dedicated considerable resources and expertise to strengthening cultural programs and organizations in exile community. These include dance and theater troupes such as the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts, publishing and printing projects, films, oral-history and storytelling projects, the construction of libraries and the digitization of rare religious texts at the Tibetan Library of Works and Archives. Through its sponsorship program, The Tibet Fund provides ongoing support for hundreds of Tibetan monks and nuns in the monasteries and nunneries that have been rebuilt in exile.

Traditional Folk Song Preservation

The youNepal_Lhamong artists of Nepal Tibetan Lhamo Association learned traditional folk songs and dances from their elders from different parts of Tibet. They wrote down the old memories, recorded songs and learned the steps and choreography of dances so that the legacy of these folk cultures are preserved for the next generations to come. This project was funded with the generous support from the Shelley and Donal Rubin Foundation.


Preservation of Rare Archives

Safe guarding rare Digital Archives_3

The Library of Tibetan Works and Archives in Dharamsala has around 35,000 hours of recordings on audio and video tape including many old and rare recordings. Because tapes recordings lose their quality with the passage of time, the Tibet Fund made a grant of $5,500 to the Library to digitize their archives, with support from Dreams for Tibet. The Library used this funding to buy two iMac 27″ Quad-Core i5 computers and accessories for digital recording. The Tibet Fund also provided $10,000 in general support to the Library with the help of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

Preserving Tibetan Language

Story Telling Day (5)

Whether they are growing up in exile or remain behind in Tibet, Tibetan children are at great risk of not being able to speak and read Tibetan. As language is one of the most important aspects of identity, The Tibet Fund works to support programs that ensure the continuity of the Tibetan language. We have provided Tibetan textbooks to Sunday Tibetan language classes established by some of the Tibetan Associations in North America and supported the publication of children’s books in Tibetan. In Tibet there are very limited resources for teaching Tibetan language and Tibetan language books for children are in short supply. The Tibet Fund is seeking support for publishing projects and teacher training to upgrade Tibetan language learning in schools and orphanages in Tibet.

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