Educational & Vocational Training Programs

More than 40 percent of refugees are children and youth who flee Tibet in search of a better education and economic opportunity. Most arrive with very limited academic skills or formal training in Tibetan language and culture. Due to the steady influx of new refugees, Tibetan exile schools are overcrowded and their resources stretched to the limit. The Tibet Fund has helped establish schools for new arrivals and, through the U.S. State Department’s annual Humanitarian Assistance grant and The Tibet Fund’s Sponsorship Program, support basic education, vocational training, food, clothing, shelter and medical care at three schools for newly arrived refugee children and scores of other schools throughout the exile community.

Tibetan Scholarships in the U.S.


Since 1988, The Tibet Fund has received funding from the U.S. Department of State to bring 15 students per year from India, Nepal and Bhutan to pursue higher education in the United States. Some students enroll in one-year certificate or training programs, but the majority enroll in two-year master’s-degree programs.

In any given year, The Tibet Fund must provide full support to approximately 15 students. Since the State Department funds a portion of these costs, we raise an additional $250,000 to fully cover the expenses of our students. We are grateful to the many colleges and universities that provide tuition remission under this program. In 20 years, The Tibet Fund has brought 414 Tibetan students to the U.S. to study in some of America’s most prestigious educational institutions.

Student Sponsorships

Student SponsorshipsThe Tibet Fund supports four Tibetan-run schools in the exile community through its sponsorship program. These schools are: The Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV), which cares for more than 16,178 orphaned and disadvantaged children in schools throughout India; the Tibetan Homes Foundation School in Mussoorie; the Transit School in Sogar; and the CTA’s Department of Education, which oversees 82 schools for 28,000 Tibetan children in India and Nepal. The TCV School at Bir and the Transit School at Sogar were specifically established for new refugees who are too old to attend regular schools. More than 3,000 students have graduated from these two schools in the past five years. Learn more

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Tibetan Scholarship Program

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Sikyong Professional Scholarship Program

The Sikyong Professional Scholarship Program (SPSP) was an initiative to support high achieving Tibetan students from India, Nepal and Bhutan who wish to pursue professional degrees at the most selective colleges, institutes and universities in India. Applicants will receive scholarships of up to INR 300,000 a depending upon their academic need.

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Professional Scholarship Program

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