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Over the last three decades the Tibet Fund has worked to aid in the rehabilitaiton of newly arrived Tibetan refugees seeking security in India and Nepal.The journey from Tibet to India and Nepal is treacherous and many succumb to serious ailments such as frostbite and shock on their way across the Tibetan border. The Tibet Fund and the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) administer funds generously provided by the U.S. State Department to shelter and aid incoming refugees. These refugees receive legal and physical protection, medical care, food, shelter, clothing, transportation and assistance in entering Tibetan schools, monasteries and nunneries. Special financial support and psychosocial support are provided to political prisoners, torture victims and refugees suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. In addition to rehabilitation and resettlement services, The Tibet Fund supports homes for Tibetan elders and provides emergency relief for victims of snowstorms, floods, droughts, and fires.

Elder Care

DSCF0141Many Tibetans grow old without social support or families to care for them. As the number of elders increases in the exile community, the need for special housing and care has become especially urgent. The Tibet Fund anticipated this need several years ago when it secured funding from the Flora Family Foundation to build the Tsering Elders Home for 50 older Tibetans in Kathmandu, Nepal. His Holiness the Dalai Lama provided the seed money to purchase land for the building, and the Home was inaugurated in November 2003. The Tibet Fund also helped with the renovation and re-roofing of the Old People’s Home in Mainpat Tibetan Settlement in India and provided clothing to the elders at Jawalakhel Tibetan Refugee Settlement’s Old People’s Home.

Last year, we provided support to 57 disadvantaged Tibetan elders at the Jawalakhel and Tsering elders homes in Kathmandu, ensuring they received proper medical care, clothing, nutrition, sanitation, hospital transport and water purification. We also provided monthly financial assistance to 254 elders in Nepal residing outside these homes. Currently, The Tibet Fund is seeking sponsors for individual elders living at the Tsering Elders Home to help cover the cost of clothing, food and bedding for the 50 residents. Sponsorship for one Tibetan elder costs $360 per year. Click here to learn more and sponsor a Tibetan elder.

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Emergency Relief

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25, 2015, followed by multiple tremors from aftershocks caused widespread devastation throughout the country. It was the deadliest earthquake on record to have ever hit this region of the world (Reuters, 2015). According to CNN, it has been reported that more than 10% of country’s homes were destroyed or damaged (2015) leaving thousands homeless. The remote areas of the country are reported to have been victims of greater damage and loss due to lack of immediate rescue and relief amenities.

Tibetan communities in Nepal had its share of losses and damage but the Tibetan settlements in the remote area such as Rasuwa, Sindhupalchok, Bakhang and Liping are recorded to have suffered substantial loss of property, and religious centers. With a timely situational need analysis and prompt action, the Tibet Fund actively engaged in raising funds for the immediate relief work as well as long term reconstruction of the Tibetan communities in Nepal.

Rehabilitating New Refugees

Newly Arrived Refugees

Since 1980, the Office of the Reception Center (ORC) of the CTA’s Department of Security gas taken responsibility for overseeing  the protection and care of new refugees that arrive from Tibet. The ORC currently administers two reception centers in Delhi and Dharamsala coordinating closely with the reception center in Nepal (reception services in Nepal are provided by the UNHCR). In 2014, 176 newly arrived refugees received free accommodation, meals, clothing and transit to Dharamsala where they receive universal medical check-up and care. 26 of them who were children were sent to Tibetan Children’s Village Schools. 63 were sent to Tibetan Transit School for adult education and 67 individuals were sent to monasteries and nunneries.

Grants from the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration have been administered by the Tibet Fund since 1991. Since then, high quality reception services have been provided to more than 64,000 Tibetan refugees, of which approximately 70 percent have pursued educational opportunities in schools and monastic institutions administered by the CTA.

For 18 years, the U.S. Department of State’s Humanitarian Assistance grant, administered by The Tibet Fund, has been the primary source of support for refugee rehabilitation. Through this grant, newly arrived refugees receive immediate medical care and psychological counseling, special prosthetics and long-term rehabilitation

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