From its beginning, the aims of the Institute at Mcleod Ganj have been to advance higher education for Tibetans in exile.  The goals of the Institute are: to produce advanced religious practitioners who will spend long periods of time in retreat, thus continuing the rich traditions of Tibetan Buddhist practice; to train religious teachers; to produce interpreters of the Dharma; to carry out comparative studies of Western science and Buddhism; and to produce scholars with an awareness of traditional and modern perspectives. No institution ever existed in this form in the history of Tibetan culture.  Such a development is a crucial move to ensure that the people of Tibet can move into modernity without loosing their rich cultural heritage.  In order to meet these aims, a wide range of courses are offered at the institute. These include: traditional courses in Buddhist philosophy, culture, language, literature, poetry, religious and political histories, rites and rituals, and astrology. The traditional Tibetan degrees issued by the Institute are equivalent to B.A., M.A., and Ph.D.  They are recognized by several well-known universities in Europe and the United States and their reputation continues to grow every year.

Lobsang Tsephel, code#1998

Date of Birth: August 10, 1998  Tawang, India

Lobsang is the fourth child out of eight in the family. His parents are farmer in the remotest place in Tawang.  Lobsang attended school up to 5th grade in Government School and became monk at age 13 and joined Tawang monastery and continued his education.   Lobsang and five other monks were selected by the abbot of Tawang to go and join joined the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics in March 2010. Currently he is doing Prajnaparamita Buddhist philosophy study program.

Choewang Rabgyud

Date and Place of Birth: July 31, 1991, Moorang, Kinnour H.P

Choewang’s studied till grade 6 at his village school and left school to join the monastery in Clement Town to learn prayers and some basic Buddhist philosophy. Later he joined Institute of Buddhist Dialectics to become a good Buddhist practitioner as well as a good scholars to serve his monastic community and other people.

Lobsang She-nyen

Date of Birth: 1991 Lhalung, Lhoka, Tibet

With the help of his relatives, he escaped into Nepal when he was small child. He joined Tibetan refugee’s school in Nepal and studies till 4th grade. He left school and joined Samtenling Monastery in Nepal to learn prayers and some basic philosophy.  With the support from his senior student he came to Dharamsala and joined Institute of Buddhist Dialectics in March 2015. He is doing very well in his studies.


Dorjee Passang,  Date of Birth: 1985, Ladakh

Dorjee parents are farmers in Ladakh. He has three brothers and one sister. He attended TCV School in Ladakh upto 10 grade and joined TCV school in Bylakupee in South India for higher studies. After passang XI grade he came to Dharamsala to join the Insitute of Buddhist Dialectics. At present he is doing 5th year course of Prajnaparamita Buddhist philosophy and then will pursue Madhayamka Buddhist philosophy study program for three years. As his parents are not in a position to support his education.

Lobsang Tsewang Sponsored

Date of Birth: 1985  Zanskar, India

Lobsang parents are farmers in Zanskar in Northern India.  He attended local school up to 5 grade and joined Drepung Monastery in South India to learn Buddhist philosophy. He leaves the monastery due to his health condition and went back to Ladakh.  He came to Dharamsala to join the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics in year 2007.  At present he is doing 2nd year course of Prajnaparamita Buddhist philosophy

Lobsang Phuntsok

Date of Birth: June 04, 1979 Shigatse, Tibet

Lobsang attended local school when he was ten years old. At the age of 13, he left school and joined Tashi Lhunpo Monastery to study Buddhist philosophy. He escaped Tibet with his friend to receive better education.  He was sent to Transit school to learn English, after that he got admission and joined the Institute. Lobsang is a very simple and hard working monk; he has nobody to support his educational expenses

Sangay Dorjee

Date of Birth: June 20, 1999 (Tuting, Arunachal Pradesh)

Coming from a family of farmers, Sangay enrolled into the Central School for Tibetans in Chauntra, Himachal Pradesh at age four in 2002 where he later completed his secondary school. Seeing his potential, his school principal guided Sangay into his eventual enrollment in the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics for long term Buddhist philosophy study. With aspirations to serve his community as an educator, translator, and social worker, we seek your support in financing Sangay’s higher education and realizing his potential.

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