Become a Tibet Fund Sponsor

There are many Tibetans in exile who struggle with poverty, deprivation and other sources of vulnerability that inhibit their personal growth, well-being, and civic responsibility. Many are orphans and newly-arrived children from Tibet who have come to India for a better education. Some are elderly Tibetans with no family members to take care of them. In 1999, The Tibet Fund established the Sponsorship Program to break this cycle of social and economic deprivation and has transferred over $4 million to approximately 80 sponsored institutions working in exile. Based on sponsorship appeals and other forms of outreach such as social media campaigns, hundreds of compassionate donors have made a tremendous difference to the exile community, giving the most vulnerable Tibetans hope and the opportunity to live a purposeful life. This program has also helped in providing nutritious meals, clothing, healthcare, and other basic necessities for Tibetan refugees in monastic institutions, schools, and rest-homes whose resources are stretched to the limits

In 2017, The Tibet Fund raised a total of $176,772.46 in sponsorship donations from private sources. These donations were transferred to the offices of the sponsored monasteries, nunneries, schools, and rest-homes in India and Nepal. The sponsorship supported 183 monks, 108 nuns, 352 school children, 42 disabled children, 39 elders, and seven performing arts students. Our Sponsorship Coordinator works with over 80 institutions and organizations to facilitate this program and meticulously maintains regular communications and follow-ups between donors and beneficiaries.

To sponsor a monk, nun, elder, or child, please click the link below: