The Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV) in Dharamsala was established in 1960 with 51 children.  Today TCV Dharamsala has approximately 2,000 residents and 150 day students. Residents live in 42 Family Homes, two hostels for older children and a baby home for toddlers, and attend the educational facilities ranging from Kindergarten to High school on campus.  TCV’s goal is to provide parental care and love, develop a sound foundation for nurturing Tibetan identity and culture, and foster character and moral values.  In response to growing demand, TCV has established 18 branch schools, vocational training centers, crèches, day schools and youth centers in other settlement locations.

Regzen Chospal

Student Roll No: 03/5751/05    
Date of Birth: October 6, 1999

Regzen is a semi-orphan boy whose father passed away when he was very small. He has two sisters. His mother married another man, who’s an army.  Regzen is studying in grade 10 and next year he will have to join another school and in need support to continue his studies. He is an smart and has potential to achieve great things. He loves taking pictures and very fond of photography.

Tsering Dhondup

Student Roll No: 03/6110/SK   
Date of Birth: August 28, 2001

Born in Ladakh, India. His father runs a seasonal sweater business in Jangthang (cold desert), where he’d go from one place to another to sell sweaters. His mother is a housewife. He has three sisters and four brothers. Tsering begun his education at Ladakh TCV School, and later got selected to attend Selakui TCV School. His best subject is Science. His dream is to become a doctor and to do research on AIDS. His hobby includes playing soccer and reading. He is incredibly creative and had performed at school in the past.

Kunga Samdup

Student Roll No: 01/11493/14
Date of Birth: April 13, 2001

Kunga’s from Mustang, Nepal. As farmers, Samdups parents struggled to yield harvest and barely made enough income. As he grew older his parents became worried about his future; they did not want him to shadow their lives. In hopes that their son would get a better education, Samdup’s parents sent him to TCV School, he loves to read and play football


Tenzi Paldon            Student Roll No: 30375/SK  
Date of Birth: July 28, 1999

Born in Dharamsala. Her family’s primary source of income is a Winter sweater business. She has an older sister who had completed her education, and is currently seeking for a job in New Delhi, India. Paldon started her education at a Day School in Dharamsala. She is currently enrolled at Selakui TCV School, where only 60 students from each grade gets selected to attend each year. Her favorite subject is English. She plans on becoming a fashion designer or a Zoologist in the future.

Tenzin Gyalpo

Student Roll No: 08/10789/SK
Date of Birth: November 23, 2000

Born in Dalhousie, India His hometown is famous for its apple orchards and farm grains. Hence, many Tibetans’ livelihood in the region is based on a seasonal produce business. Gyalpo and his brother were raised by their widowed mom. Gyalpo begun his education at Gopalpur TCV School, and later got selected to attend Selakui TCV School in 2012. His best subject is Science, Mathematics, and Computer. His dream is to become a programmer. He yearns to learn all there is to learn about computers. His hobbies include playing basketball and reading books.


Lhamu Drema   
Student Roll No:  01/12139/16
Date of Birth: February 14, 2010

Lhamu Drema is a semi orphan born to a poor peasant family in Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh State. Her mother passed away when she was an infant leaving behind her father and 2 more siblings.  She is the youngest. Lhamu still does not clearly remember her mother’s face but it was her father Lama Norbu who has been the strength and pillar of their family.  The livelihood of the family is completely depended on a small plot of land, which produces few yields of crops.  Her father approached the Welfare Office and she was admitted at TCV School on March 8, 2016.   She lives in our home number 31 with 24 other children under the loving care of a foster mother.  She loves playing with the Barbie dolls


Thinlay Dorjee
Student Roll No: 01/11963/15
Date of Birth: August 26, 2009

Thinlay’s family is from a farmer residing in very remote area of Tuting, North Eastern side of India. He has no prior education and feels lucky to have the opportunity to attend the school and learn many new things around. he is attending attending Kindergarten. He lives in TCV home number 40 with 30 other children under the loving care of a foster mother.


Kalsang Tsetan,  Student Roll No: 01/9659/03
Date of Birth: Feb 2, 1998

Born in Tibet, and later sought exile in India, where she attended TCV School at Dharamsala. During her journey from Tibet to India, she had to leave behind her uncle, and met many other children of her age on the same mission as herself: to reach the safe havens of India in hope for a better future. She was home schooled for a short period by her father, who had unfortunately passed away due to Cancer. Her father’s teaching had helped her exceed in school. She was later selected to attend Selakui TCV School. She loves her school and enjoys playing racket, reading, and drawing. Her favorite subject is English. She dreams to become a journalist someday.


Chemey Lhamu
Student Roll No: 01/12127/16   
Date of Birth: August 1st, 2005

Chemey’s from a remote part of Tibet. She was accepted into Tibetan Childrens village in 2016 when her local school was shut down due to lack of resources. Chemey was placed in Home number 27 along with 24 other brothers and sisters. She is very happy to have found a home away from home.

Pema Sangmo Sponsored

Student Roll No:  01/12041/16
Date of Birth: September 21, 2004

Born in Choephiling Tibetan Settlement, Miao, Arunachal Pradesh North East of India. Her father works as a social service man and the family’s livelihood is depended on her father’s salary. It was difficult for her father to send Pema and her two elder siblings to school. Her family contacted TCV School to support of Pema’s education. Due to her family’s poor situation, she got an admission on March 2016. Pema has adjusted very well to the new environment and feels fortunate to have found a “Home away from home”. She has made many friends, both in class and home.

Namdrol Dorjee

Student Roll No: 01/12149/16
Date of Birth: March 20, 2008

Namdrol Dorjee was born in Pedung, Bomdila District, Arunachal Pradesh State, India. His parents weren’t in any position to send Namdrol Dorjee to a school and give him proper care and education with the meager income. They were very concerned about his upbringing and education. They reached out to TCV School and Namdrol was accepted, he lives in home 27 and attending kindergarten.

Kunga Dhonden

Student Roll No: 01/12095/16  
Date of Birth: May 24, 2005

Kunga’s from northern India. After losing his father to a prolonged illness, his mother was forced to raise him and two siblings alone. She sent Kunga to the TCV School to be raised with a proper education. He loves to play basketball and enjoys attending school with his peers.   


Tensung Sponsored

Student Roll No: 07/1387/04  
Date of Birth: March 20, 1996

Born in Kham Ngachen, Tibet. When he left Tibet to sought exile, he had to leave behind his parents and his two siblings. In 2010, his mother passed away due to a severe earthquake at Kikudo in Tibet. Even with all the harsh situations mounting upon him, he had still managed to excel at Suja TCV School, and later got accepted to study at Selakui TCV School, an elite school in exile. In 2013, he completed his secondary education and chose science stream for class XI.  His best subject is English and Biology. He plans on applying for MBBS in the future, and his dream is to become a doctor.


Lhakpa Dolma Sherpa   Student Roll No: 01/12213/16   
Date of Birth: January 23, 2007

Lhakpa was born in a remote area Sidi Paljor Liping in Nepal.  Poor nomad family whose livelihood depended solely on the small herd of cattle.  This was barely sufficient to meet the daily needs of the family.  As their daughter grew older, they became more concerned about her future which did not seem very promising as she continued to live in their shadow.  Her parents appealed to the Welfare Office in their locality to support Lhakpa, she was accepted and now lives in TCV home number 34 with 24 other children under the care of a foster mother. She is a soft hearted girl and loves drawing pictures with her friends


Tenzin Delek Sponsored

Student Roll No:  05/3494/SK
Date of Birth: October 24, 2002

Born in Dharamsala, India. His father is a sculptor and his mother runs a seasonal sweater business during winter. He has an elder brother who is also enrolled at Lower TCV School. Delek was studying at Lower TCV School prior to getting selected to attend Selakui TCV School. Currently, he is studying three languages simultaneously: Hindi, Tibetan, and English. His best subjects are English and Science. Moreover, he is very active at school and also very hardworking. His dream is to become an author. He believes there’s a shortage in great writers in our community who can write about our rich culture and traditions. His favorite sport is football.

Tenzin Choezin Sponsored

Student Roll No: 95452/SK
Date of Birth: November 14, 1998

Born in Ladakh, India and later moved to Dharamsala, India with her family. The primary source of income for her family is a seasonal business. She is the youngest member in her joint family. Choezin is studious and hard-working, completed her primary school from a Day School in Dharamsala, and then continued her education at Selakui TCV School, an intensive specialized TCV School. She is currently a sophomore. Her dream is to become a successful lawyer. Aside from that, she loves reading novels and listening to audios during her spare time.


Thinley Choezom, Student Roll No: 02/3304/SK
Date of Birth: August 12, 2001

Born in Nepal, and was raised by a single mother. She was attending TCV Chauntra School, when she was recruited to attend Selakui TCV School. She enjoys writing self-composed poems and stories, and also enjoys singing. Her dream is to become a writer or a singer. Her hobbies also include playing basketball and reading.


Tenzin Choeying,  Student Roll No: 4165
Date of Birth: October 11, 2007

From Dharamshala, India. He’s studying in grade two, loves playing bat ball (Cricket) and he enjoys his art class and wanted to become an art teacher.  Tenzin’s family lives in a rented room at Lower Dharamshala. His father is physically challenged and His mother is the sole bread earner of the family of four, she works as a tailor under some enterprise in Dharamshala.  She is not in a position to meet with the educational expense of her children and has approached TCV.  It would therefore be very kind and generous if you could help with the educational expenses of Tenzin Choeying.

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