The Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV) in Dharamsala was established in 1960 with 51 children.  Today TCV Dharamsala has approximately 2,000 residents and 150 day students. Residents live in 42 Family Homes, two hostels for older children and a baby home for toddlers, and attend the educational facilities ranging from Kindergarten to High school on campus.  TCV’s goal is to provide parental care and love, develop a sound foundation for nurturing Tibetan identity and culture, and foster character and moral values.  In response to growing demand, TCV has established 18 branch schools, vocational training centers, crèches, day schools and youth centers in other settlement locations.

Dawa Dorjee Gurung

Dawa GurungRoll No: 01/11799/15
Date of Birth: April 2, 2008

10 years old from very remote place called Doplo, Nepal border. The people in Dolpo are very simple and most of them survive their life by doing a simple seasonal farming. Dawa parents approached the welfare office of their native place to provide a support for an admission for Dawa Dorjee and was admitted under the special category of destitute children.  Dawa is very happy in home number 10 with 29 other children under the care of a foster mother.  He is attending class III in the junior section this year.  He loves playing marbles during leisure time. .  He also loves drawings and reading Tibetan books. 

Kunga Samdup

kunga_samdupRoll No: 01/11493/14
Date of Birth: April 13, 2001

Kunga’s from Mustang, Nepal. As farmers, Samdups parents struggled to yield harvest and barely made enough income. As he grew older his parents became worried about his future; they did not want him to shadow their lives. In hopes that their son would get a better education, Samdup’s parents sent him to TCV School, he loves to read and play football.

Tenzin Kelsang

Tenzin KelsangRoll No: 01/12476/18
Date of Birth: May 13, 2006

11 years boy old from Paljorling Tibetan Settlement in Pokhara, Nepal.  Tenzin’s father is a peon in the Tibetan Settlement in Pokhra.  His mother is a tailor. He has an elder brother studying here in the same school. Their livelihood is depended entirely on the salary of his father and the small income of his mother which did not fetch much for the family. Tenzin was accepted into the Village under destitute category on 1st March 2018 until he completes grade XII.    His father was relieved when Tenzin was accepted, he returned home town happy with the knowledge that his son is now in safe hands and he will receive proper education. He lives in home no.11 with 30 other children under the care of a foster mother. He is attending class VI.

Pema Dolma Sherpa

pema_d_sherpaRoll No: 01/12386/17
Date of Birth: Nov 26, 2011

Born in the remote region of Kapan village, Nepal. Her parents are poor peasants whose source of livelihood is a small plot of land which barely yielded enough to keep body and soul together.  Life is a continued struggle filled with despair and hardships.  They struggled hard to bring up Pema Dolma and their siblings and provide them with a proper standard of living.  

With the recommendation from the Welfare Office, Pema was admitted into TCV School in March 2017.  She has adjusted well with the new environment here.  She lives in our home number 11 with 24 other children under the care of a foster mother.  She attends Kindergarten this year.  She has made a couple of new friends both in the home and class.

Phurpa Tsering Bapu

phurpa_t_bapuRoll No: 01/11750/14
Date of Birth: October 5, 2001

Sixteen year old boy who comes from a remote place Bomdila of Arunachal Pradesh State.  The people of Bomdila survive their life by doing a simple seasonal farming.

His parents approached their local welfare office for help towards the education of their son Phurpu and was promptly admitted into this School, he is enjoying all the good facilities and education which he literally deserves. 

Phurpu is attending class X in the senior section this year.  He lives in our boy hostel with 82 other senior boys under the loving care of a hostel warden.  Basketball is his favorite game.  English is his best subject. 

Tanzin Kunzang

tanzin_kunzangRoll No:   01/12344/17
Date of Birth: June 23, 2010

Tanzin was admitted into the TCV School, when she was seven years She was admitted under destitute category from Spiti Village.  Spiti Village is located in Himachal Pradesh and it is very close with Indo- Chinese borders. People living in Spiti have a sense of compassion and the spirit of Buddhism is deeply rooted in their soul.

Tanzin’s parents are farmers and it was difficult for them to provide better education and future for their only child. She’s happy to be here and always look forward to see her family soon.

She’s studying in class II and living in TCV home no 23 along with other 24 children of different age group.  Pink is her favorite color.  TCV Will extend support to Tanzin Kunzang till grade XII.


Roll No: 01/12525/18
Date of Birth: July 28, 2012

6 years old girl from a remote village called Sechu (H.P) India. Her parents are farmers and they grow wheat, barley, potatoes, grains, seasonal vegetables on a small plot of land for their survival.  She has 2 older sisters and a younger brother at home.  

She has no prior schooling back in her Village and now attending kindergarten. She feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to go to school.  We would be grateful if any kind person who could render support towards this child’s upbringing and education.

Tsering Dolma

Student Roll No:   03/6580/17
Date of Birth: March 7, 2008

Tsering’s parents make their living from the small jewelry on the street. Though her father went to school in TCV Dharamsala, but he couldn’t continue his studies. Her mother also left the school at a very young age and helped her parents for the domestic work. Since her parents have been struggling in their life for the livelihood, and presently they own a stall that is good enough to generate some income for their day to day expenses. However, the parents cannot think of sending her to school by paying fee because of the insufficient income. TCV agrees to take Tsering our their care so that her parents could concentrate better with their domestic work and household.

Tsering Dolma and her elder brother were studying in TCV Suja for some years, her mother decided to bring them back here in TCV Ladakh as she didn’t want to stay away from her children.

Tenzin Tashi

Student No:  03/6909/12
Date of Birth: June 5, 2008

Tenzin is the youngest boy in the family. He has two elder brothers, both are studying in our main school in Choglamsar. Tenzin’s parents originally were from a nomadic camp called Hanley, located at the Indo-Tibet border. Tenzin’s father joined army so as to support his family members, mother stays home taking care of her children. The parents are not in a position to support the education of their children. Tenzin. He’s admitted at TCV School.  His favorite subject is English. He likes reading, playing table tennis and chatting with his friends.

Tenzin Jamyang Sponsored

tenzin_jamyangRoll No: 01/11562/13
Date of Birth: November 15, 2010

7 years old Tenzin’s one of the new comers from Tibet.  He was born to a peasant family in Ngalam village.  His parents are working on a collective farm and it’s very difficult for them. Owing to many other reasons like this his parents decided to send Tenzin over to India to get good education.

Tenzin’s parents sent him accompanied with one of their relatives to Nepal via Dam border.  His relatives in Nepal helped him to get enrolled in the two Reception Centre of Nepal and Dharamsala. Later He was immediately admitted into TCV School under the category of New Children from Tibet. He is living in our home number 12 with 27 other children under the loving care of a foster mother.  He is attending class II in the junior section. 

Tenzin Namdol Sponsored

Roll No: 01/12586/18
Date of Birth: August 21, 2012

Six years old boy from Mainpat Tibetan Settlement at Chhattisgarh, was admitted in to TCV Dharamshala.  After the road accident his father became mentally unstable and his mother being deaf and dumb, it has become very difficult for the family to cope up with Tenzin Namdol.  Therefore, Tibetan Welfare officer at Mainpat recommended his admission here for free cost of his education and up-bringing.

Tenzin’s studying in kindergarten and he feels secure and he loves learning new things,. He likes to sing.  Blue is his favorite color. He has a pleasant nature and is very friendly with his peer group. We would be grateful to any kind person who could render support towards his education.

Dorji Dema Sponsored

dorji_demaRoll No: 01/12357/17
Date of Birth: July 4, 2005   

Very sweet and an adorable 13 year. Her family has 2 children.  Her father deserted the whole family and leaves nothing for her mother to take care of the 2 children.  Her mother went through heavy depression and became seriously mentally disturbed.  In order to get relief from the sufferings she then started taking alcohol with every single penny that she gets.  She remained out of control and has been taken under the care of rehabilitation center.  Unfortunately, the mother passed away due to liver problem in December 2016.

The Welfare Office of the locality referred Dorji’s case to TCV School. She was granted immediate admission in March 2017.  Her elder brother is in Bhutan taking care of her old and ailing grandmother. She’s studying in class VII and lives in home number 39.  She likes songs, readying story book, skipping and drawing. 

Lobsang Thinley Sponsored

Student Roll No:   01/10683/08
Date of Birth: August 15, 2006

Born in Lhalu Tar the central Tibet. He has been unfortunate child having lost both his parents one after the other. He was brought over to India by his far related grand parents. Lobsang was only 1 and half month old when he was admitted to TCV school.  He was first brought up in our baby home till he was 5 years old.  In March 2011 he was shifted to our home number 8 where his elder sister Rinzin Khandro lives. He’s loved by all the home children. 

Lobsang’s attending class VII in the junior section this year.  He is very active, loves playing football, basketball and marbles.  He also loves drawings and reading books. 

Phur Sangbu Sherpa

Phur SherpaRoll No: 01/12578/18   
Date of Birth: August 22, 2008

10 year old who belongs to a peasant family from a very remote place called Sindhupalchok, Nepal border. The people in this area are very simple and most of them survive their life by doing a simple seasonal farming which is not enough to meet the daily needs. On the top the family had lost their home and property during the April 2015 earthquake.

The parents approached the Welfare Office of their native place to provide a support for the admission of their son Phur Sangbu Sherpa into TCV School. By understanding the case genuinely Phur Sangbu Sherpa was accepted, he lives in home 18 with 29 other children under the care of a foster mother.  He is attending Kindergarten this year.  He likes reading and also drawing.  Green is his favorite color and basket ball is his best game

Tenzin Woiser

Tenzin WoiserRoll No: 01/12485/18
Date of Birth: August 6, 2009

Born in the remote region of Bomdila, India both parents are poor peasants whose source of livelihood is a small plot of land which barely yielded enough to keep body and soul together.  They struggled hard to bring up Tenzin and their 3 siblings and provide them with a proper standard of living.  Under such difficult circumstances, they were compelled to approach the Tibetan Settlement Office of their locality for necessary help and support. With the recommendation from the Settlement Office, Tenzin was eventually admitted into the Tibetan Children’s Village in March 2018. He’s living in home number 16 with 31 other children under the care of a foster mother.  Basket ball is his best game. 

Tenzin Jampa

tenzin_jampaRoll No: 01/11562/13
Date of Birth: January 29, 2011

7 year old Tenzin joined the TCV family in May 2013 after his father appealed to the TCV head office for his only son due to hardships in the family. Tenzin parents are divorced a year after his birth and since then he was cared and nurtured by his father who does petty seasonal business on the streets of Kerala for his livelihood.

Parting was very difficult and painful for both as Tenzin Jampa hardly let go of his father. His father is happy that he left him under TCV care for the betterment of his son. He has adjusted remarkably in the baby home with 19 other children under the loving care of 8 foster mothers till February 2018.  In March this year he was shifted to home number 13. Being smallest child in the home, he is loved by all the children.  He is attending class II in the junior section and is making good progress.  Any assistance in his upbringing and education in the Village will be highly appreciated.

Tenzin Kunsang

tenzin_kunsangRoll No: 01/11520/13
Date of Birth: April 10, 2002

16 years old girl, born to a very simple family here in Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh. Tenzin’s father earns his living as a helper in one of the Gas Agent Office here in Dharamsala.  Her mother is running a petty business of artificial jewelry on the street of Mcleod Ganj.  Unfortunately, the income of her parents hardly helps them cover their living cost and educational expenses of Tenzin Kunsang and her younger sister. The parent faces lot of difficulty taking care of their children and approached the TCV School for support.

Tenzin Kunsang was admitted in March 2013.  She’s attending class XI Arts stream in the senior section this year.  Over the past 5 years, she has grown tall and strong and is happily involved in the school curriculum and activities.  She lives in our home 29 with 31 senior girls under the loving care of a foster mother’. She is very soft spoken by nature.  She is very friendly and gets along well with her friends..

Tenzin Yeshi Shelley

Roll No:  01/12539/18 Home No. 10  
Date of B
irth: January 12, 2007   

Tenzin Yeshi Shelley, 11 years old boy, born to a Tibetan couple who came to India to escape the autocracy of the Chinese regime and seek better life.  The couple settled in Dharamsala, where Tenzin Yeshi Shelley was born.  He has a twin sister who is attending the TCV Model School in Dehradun and his parent’s manages to pay for her school expenses, which is higher than the rest of the TCV Schools.  However, due to the limited income of his parents, his father is compelled to request for a help from the TCV for free cost of education for his son Tenzin .  Considering the genuine case of the family, Tenzin Yeshi Shelley was granted admission into the Village under destitute category. He is currently attending in the 6th grade . Football is his favorite free time activity.

Tenzin Dickyi

Roll No:   01/30515/15
Date of Birth: July 12, 2017

Tenzin Dickyi, 6 years old.  She is very friendly and  loves to learn new things in school. She’s studying in grade 1.

Her father Sonam Tenzin is temporarily employed at the School’s Canteen and her mother has a young baby to look after and stay at home.  Both the young couples are not educated and not skilled as well.  Therefore, it is not possible for them to pay school fees for their daughter.  We would be grateful to any kind person’s support towards her schooling.

Tenzin Kalsang

Student Roll No:   03/7396/14
Date of Birth: August 10, 2011

Born to a poor Tibetan family in Leh-Ladakh. Tenzin’s grandparents came to India in late 1960’s. The grandfather died due to old age, and the grandmother is still alive. Tenzin’s parents do everything they can to support their nine children. Most of them are still in the school and the oldest daughter has recently completed her nursing education. The living condition of the family is quite poor due to a large number of children. The father is employed as a driver and the mother works as a labour to build small houses and walls. Due to above family financial conditions, all of their children are accepted under TCV care with a hope of finding them sponsors for their education.  Tenzin’s quite and simple looking boy. He’s studying in 1st grader boy. He likes dogs and cats. His favorite colors are red and orange.

Tenzin Nangzay

Student No: 01/12342/17
Date of Birth: January 31, 2011

Tenzin Nangzay, She finds her home the best place on earth, where she gets love not only from her parents but from her grandparents. At home, she spends her time with her mother and her grandparents but she doesn’t often see her father. Her father, who is serving in army, doesn’t get holiday to come home. Her mother stay home doing household chores and taking care of grandparents. Keeping in mind the difficult circumstance of the family. TCV agreed to bring the girl under their care so that she will not only enjoy the schooling opportunity, but the family can have their attention towards the family matter. She’s in Stage 1 and her favorite animal is dog. She has a pet dog at home.

Tenzin Saldon

Student Roll No:   03/6913/12
Date of Birth: June 5, 2008

Tenzin’s family cannot afford to give education to her and her elder sister. Her parents have never been succeeded in finding themselves a permanent income. Due to the constant struggling for their living TCV’s administration accepted to bring Tenzin and her sister under their care.  Tenzin’s friendly and supportive towards other. She likes skating , sings and dances well. Her favorite subject is Tibetan and she wants to become a Tibetan language teacher when she grows older. Her favorite animals are dogs and cats. She likes to spend her time reading story books.

Tenzin Youdon Sponsored

tenzin_youdonStudent No:  01/9808/2006
Date of Birth: February 26, 2000

Born in the Ngapring province in the eastern Tibet.  Her parents are both simple farmers and grow seasonal crops on their small plot of land.  They have to do backbreaking labour on the fields the whole day long and the meager harvest from the land was not enough to support the family.

Tenzin was sent over to India through one of their relatives and was admitted into the Children’s Village in 2006.  Happy with the knowledge that she is now in safe hands to receive proper care and education, the relative returned back to Tibet to join his family.

Tenzin is very bright and hard working girl. She is attending class XII Commerce Stream in our branch school at TCV Bylakuppe and is making steady progress in her studies.  We need urgent help towards the education of this young needy girl Tenzin Youdon.

Tenzin Youdon Sponsored

Roll No:  01/12523/18
Date of Birth: August 5, 2009

Tenzin Youdon is a semi orphan girl, her father passed away a year ago. She is reading in class IV.  She has been  admitted here free of cost as her only mother has a young baby to take care with no permanent  income.  Mother sells small item on the road side.  Tenzin feels very fortunate to be admitted at TCV School and she has fond many friends in her new home of 32 children with her. She likes pink color and likes to sing. We would be grateful to any kind person who could support her education.

Tenzin Namdol Sponsored

Student No:  03/6569/10
Date of Birth: November 10, 2006

The boy’s parents in their late 30’s, both got opportunity to attend TCV School, however, none of them complete their studies after 10th grade due to various problems. Father joined army after passing 9th grade and decided to help his family members, mother discontinued her studies after passing her 10th grade examination. Father serves in Indian army, mother stays home taking care of her children and grandparents.  Keeping in mind the difficulty the family faces. Tenzin’s best subject is science. When he grows up, he wants to become a science teacher. During his free time, he plays football, cricket and cycling.

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