Message From The Tibet Fund's President

Message from the President

ln_photoDear Friends and Supporters,

The story of The Tibet Fund is the story of the Tibetan people’s perseverance and resourcefulness through decades of upheaval and exile. It is the story of survival and the preservation of culture and national identity. It is also a story that many of our generous donors have helped to create.

Since 1959, more than 140,000 Tibetans have fled their homeland to take refuge in India, Nepal and around the world. Under the leadership of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Central Tibetan Administration, Tibetans have forged new democratic institutions and built settlements where Tibet’s religious and cultural traditions are kept alive and Tibetans are sustained as a people until our goal of returning to Tibet is achieved.

For more than 36 years, The Tibet Fund has played a vital role in sustaining and strengthening the refugee community. By supporting a wide range of vitally important programs and services, the Tibet Fund has had a tremendous impact on the well-being of individual Tibetans, from newly arrived children suffering frostbite from their passage through the mountains to elderly refugees contending with illness and homelessness.

The Tibet Fund is grateful for the generosity of its many dedicated friends around the world. I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the U.S. Congress and Administration, which have lent significant support, enabling The Tibet Fund to provide vital humanitarian aid to Tibetans in the refugee community and in Tibet. We are also grateful to our Board of Directors and the International Campaign for Tibet for their tireless work, guidance and dedication, which have ensured The Tibet Fund’s continued success over the years.

Our centuries-old Tibetan culture offers remarkably contemporary wisdom for today’s world. Tibetan cultural beliefs teach patience in the face of human suffering and universal responsibility in light of our need to live together and share limited resources on our small planet. With this quintessentially modern message coming from our ancient culture, I trust you will see the value of a thriving Tibetan community woven into the fabric of the modern world.

Thank you so much.

Lobsang Nyandak
January 2018