Active Nonviolent Education Center (ANEC)

The Active Non-Violence Education Center (ANEC) in Dharamsala, India was founded at the request of His Holiness the Dalia Lama in 2007. ANEC trains Tibetan students in active non-violence strategies as a foundation for dignity and justice for the Tibetan community. ANEC’s staff has brought educational programs to over 7,000 trainees through over 120 workshops; the organization has pivoted well during the pandemic and continues to provide inspiring and educational content online to an even wider audience.
ANEC’s work is more important than ever, promoting principles that will help to sustain a more connected, just and peaceful world. As people around the world demand a voice in participatory democracy, their movements must include compassion, understanding, discipline and determination as essential aspects of successful nonviolent resistance. ANEC stresses that strategic nonviolence is the most appropriate way to resolve disagreements among individuals or groups.
Your donation will provide immediate funding to:
  • Keep the staff employed
  • Develop new online programming
  • Enhance workshops for high school students, university students, NGOs, and others 
  • Build out the online nonviolence lecture series featuring global experts from different backgrounds in three languages Tibetan, Hindi and English