Drepung Loseling MonasteryDrepung Loseling Monastery is one of Tibet’s largest monastic universities.  Located in the hills in the outskirts of Lhasa, it was established in 1416.  With the destruction of most of Tibetan cultural and religious institutions by the Chinese, several hundred Loseling monks escaped to India, where they worked diligently to preserve their spiritual, cultural, academic and artistic traditions and re-establish their monastery in 1971 in South India, Karnataka State. The majority of monks depend almost entirely upon the monastery for their support.  Two-third of the monks are new refugees from Tibet and a number of young monks are orphans.  Special Senior Monks Program: Each of the senior monks offered for sponsorship here were members of Drepung Monastery in Lhasa, Tibet and escaped from the Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1959.  With the re-establishment of their monastery in India, these monks continued their studies and most obtained their higher Geshe degree.  All served as teachers; some are abbots and many of them serve as the managers.  Some of the monks are still responsible for raising funds and running the monastery, which has currently over 3000 monks. They lead a content and religious life that sets an example to the younger generation.

<span style= Geshe Jampa Wangchen: Born in Tehor, Tibet on June 6, 1966. For many years he was on medication for gastroenteritis and Hepatitis B.  He was lucky one of his relatives offered to donate a kidney and in on 06th April 2015 he got an operation for kidney transplantation. The transplantation was successful. Being a poor monk, he had to borrow a huge amount of money to pay for all the tests and the transplantation. A generous sponsorship to alleviate his burden of the debt will be greatly appreciated.


 Ven. Lobsang Tsultrim, code#03-1519: Born on January 15, 1935 in Dherong district of Dhokham, Tibet. He joined Drepung Loseling Monastery in Tibet in 1953 to study Buddhism. However, following Chinese invasion over Tibet in 1959, he fled to India and resumed his studies for about ten years at Buxa, a temporary monastery in West Bengal state and then at this relocated monastery in South India. After completing his studies at the monastery, he has served at the monastery in various capacities including that of administrator and an assistant for disciplinarian.



Geshe Dorjee Tenzin, code#03-1521: 76 years old. He has been on medication on high BP and gastric  He has been diabetic patient for nearly 30 years. He has been taking two shots of insulin every day for over four years. It helps to control his blood sugar level and to help him lead a normal life-without much trouble. As for his gastric problem he has had endoscopy done a couple of times and has been on allopathic medicine. He is also taking Tibetan herbal medicine for the same problem. Your sponsorship will certainly help to pay for his treatment and food.


Geshe Tenzin Khetsun, code#03-1511: born on August 12, 1940. He is seventy eight years old. During the prime of his life, he has served the monastery in many capacities alongside his studies and spiritual practice. The service he rendered for these years was completely voluntary. He is now retired from voluntary service. Unfortunately, he has developed a high blood pressure and painful knees problem. He is taking herbal medicine for treatment.



Geshe Phuntsok Rabten,code#03-1512: 78 eight years old. At the early age he joined the monastery in his native village in Tibet. Three years after joining Drepung Loseling Monastery in Tibet, he had to flee to India. For over ten years, he stayed in the temporary monastery at a place called Buxa in northern India. In the year 1970 he moved with about 300 monks from Tibet to south India where he has been studying and practicing Buddhism. Alongside his traditional studies, he volunteered to serve the monastery in various capacities including administrator and construction supervisor. It’s been four year years since he retired from the voluntary service to the monastery.



Sonam Dadak, code#03-1520: 87 years old and infirm monks at the monastery.  Due to pain in his knee, he is confined to his room. He is keen to go out and walk around the temple but his knee problem does not allow him to do so.  Therefore, he is not able to do so much of prostration and circumambulation as he could do before. His daily routine includes reciting prayers for two hours each in the morning and evening, The sponsorship for this senior monk will help him to get daily needs particularly supplementary diet including fruits, milk, egg etc.

Tsering Tashi

Tsering Tashi was born on February 5, 2005 at a small village in Mon, Arunachal Pradesh, India. His father, Sangye Tsering and mother Tsering Dolma are farmer by occupation. Being poor his parents have sent him to study Buddhism in Drepung Loseling Monastery. He was enrolled into this monastery in the year 2014. Since he was too young to begin his study on Buddhist philosophy, he joined the monastic school where he began to study the basics on English, Tibetan, Maths, etc. While at the monastery he is under the care of a senior monk Passang Tsering. His hobby is playing football and riding bicycle.

Lobsang Chopa

Lobsang Chopa was born on February 5, 2005 at a remote place called Kinnour in Himachal Pradesh, north India. His father Pawan Kumar and mother Sujata Kumari are farmer. He enrolled in this monastery in March 2015. He is an under-age for the monastic mainstream curriculum. So, he has joined the monastic school where he is currently studying in the upper kindergarten. His favorite subject is English. His hobby is reading comics.

Gigmey Rabten

Gigmey Rabten, born November 3rd, 2004 at Chimburawa in Tibet. His parents Damdul (father) and Lhadon (mother) are farmer. He came to India in 2010 with some elderly people from his native place. To cross Indian border secretly, his group chose to walk only during night to avoid being seen and caught by the Chinese police. It took him nearly one month to reach India. At the time of his enrollment into this monastery he was too young to join the monastic mainstream curriculum. So, he took the opportunity to study at the monastic school in grade II, studying English, Tibetan, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, and doing Scriptural memorization practice. He is under the care of his mentor Ven. Ngawan Phuntsok. He likes reading story books.

Kunsang Dorjee

Kunsang Dorjee was born at Spiti, a small village in Himachal Pradesh India on October 11 2006. His father’s name is Dorjee Rabten and mother’s Yeshi Wangmo. His native village is so remote it is quite difficult to get there. The modern transportation and communication system there is very poor.

He enrolled into this monastery in the year 2014. He is currently studying in the kindergarden level at the monastic school. Once he reaches 14 years old he can join the mainstream monastic curriculum. His hobby is playing football and video game.

Pempa Tsering

Pempa Tsering is from a very remote village called Lho Chemi Gyatso in Nepal, born January 11, 2004. His parents are farmer.  He joined the monastery in year 2014. and presently he’s at the monastic school to study modern subjects like Tibetan, English, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics. He is in upper kindergarten class. He loves to draw picture in his free time.   His favorite subject is English. A generous thought to support him financially through his studies and practice will be greatly appreciated.

Thupten Namgyal

Thupten Namgyal was born at Zanskar in Ladakh, northern India on September 15, 2004. His father Tsering Gyudmet and mother Rinchen Dolma are farmer.  He joined the monastic school in year 2014 and currently studying in grade II.  He loves to read story books and his favorite subject is English.

Sonam Lepcha Sponsored

Sonam Lepcha, born November 15, 2002 in Sikkim, north east India. His parents Bhaichung Lepcha (Father) Mamta Lepcha (Mother) are a simple, traditional farmer. They subsist on the meagre yield from farming. From the very tender age of 4-5 he had expressed strong desire to join monastery. Even though the parents were quite reluctant at first to send their son so young to the monastery they had to give in to his insistence. So, he joined Drepung Loseling Monastery in the year 2014. He is currently studying in the 2nd grade of the monastic school, studying Tibetan, English, Mathematics, Social Science and Scriptural memorization. His hobby is reading story books and drawing.

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