Gyudmed Tantric Monastic School was founded in the year 1982. With the blessing advice of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the school is running well and today there are more than 400 monk students in the school. Until 2008, more than two hundred students graduated in Geshe Ngagrampa Degree from the school. The school is progressing well under the fine teaching masters of Ven.Geshe Jampa Choedak, Ven. Nyima and other teachers.  Philosophy, Ritual lessons, Sand and Wooden Mandalas, Butter Sculptures, Computer class, and three language studies of Tibetan, English and Chinese are taught in the school.

Lodoe Sangpo

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Phurbu Tenzin

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Tenzin Lhawang

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Tsangpa Norbu Sponsored

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Yeshi Dorjee

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Tenzin Passang

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Nyima Sangpo Sponsored

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Penpa Tashi

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Tenzin Sungjuk

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Tsewang Gyurmey

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