Sera Jhe was founded in Tibet in the 15th century.  After the Chinese invasion thousands of Tibetans followed His Holiness the Dalai Lama into exile in India . While the original Sera Jhe monastery in Tibet faced destruction and decay, Tibetan refugees rebuild the monastery in Byalakuppe, District of Mysore in South India.  Today it is one of the largest Buddhist Monastic Institution in India with a total member population of over 3500 monks.  The number of monks grows larger each year as an average of 3,000 new refugees continue to arrive from Tibet each year – many heading straight to the monasteries, including Sera Jhe, to receive the monastic education they were denied in their homeland. Your contribution will help the monastery to provide for and improve the conditions for the ever increasing number of monks at the Monastery

Geshe Dawa Rinchen
Date of Birth: June  25, 1973
Place of Birth: Tibet

Geshe Dawa was born in Kham, Eastern Tibet. His family does farming in Tibet. Both parents passed away and his two sisters are left behind in Tibet. He was ordained in 1993. He was also conferred Geshe degree in 2015.

Geshe Jampa Kalang
Date of Birth: 1978      

Place of Birth: Tibet

Geshe Jampa was born Kham (Dhargyal) Tibet. He left Tibet in 1993 joined Sera Jey Monastery and ordained monk same year. He was conferred Geshe Degree on Oct 29, 2019. At present He’s serving as a volunteer in the alternate medication department.

Lobsang Sherab
Date of Birth: 1976
Place of Birth: Tibet

Lobsang was born in DoToe, Tibet. He was monk in Tibet, due to restrictions on religious studies, he escaped to India to continue his studies and joined Sera Jhe Monastery.

Ngawang Damchoe
Date of Birth: 1990
Place of Birth: Tibet

Ngawang was born in Kham, Tibet. His parents are nomad. He left Tibet in 2000 to study Buddhism and join Sera Jhe Monastery.

Geshe Lobsang Ngodup
Date of Birth: Jan 8, 1975

Place of Birth: Tibet

Geshe Lobsang was born in Kham Dhargay, Tibet. His parents passed away when he was young. he was survived by his brother and four sisters who are left behind in Tibet. He has been interested in being ordained and become a monk. Due to restriction imposed and no possibilities for him to pursue his dream. He escaped Tibetan and join Sera Jhe Monastery in year 1990.

Thupten Jampa
Date of Birth: 1987    
Place of Birth: Tibet

Thupten is from North Indian State of Sikkim. He has two sisters. Both parents passed away when he was young. At present he’s voluntarily serving Sera Jhe Health Care as lab technician.

Nyima Tashi
Date of Birth: March 10, 1990
Place of Birth: Tibet

Nyima was born in Lhasa, Tibet. He escaped to India in 1998 and was ordained monk in the same year. He is survived by his mother, brother and one sister, who are still in Tibet. He’s serving Sera Jhe Health Care as a volunteer staff.

Sangey Phutnsok
Date of Birth: 1984
Place of Birth: India

Sangey was born in North Eastern State of India. His family consists of his parents and two sisters. His family’s main source of income is farming.

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