Sera MeyTsangpa Khangtsen has produced many scholars and practitioners who have worked for the development of the teachings and benefit of all beings, among the five hundred monk scholars of Sera Mey Tsangpa Khangtsen, only fifteen were able to escape to India. However, due to the harsh climate and unfavorable conditions in India, they could not stay together for want of better livelihood and facilities. During the difficult period of rebuilding Tsangpa Khangtsen after coming into exile, Eventually only five monks escape from Tibet includes Ven. Lobsang Palden, Geshe Losang Monlam, Geshe Gedun Gyaltsen, Geshe Tenzin Wangdak, better known as Gen Lhakpa la and Geshe Thupten Rinchen. Five of them went door to door in Tibetan communities to get young children to join Tsangpa Khangtsen. With the hard work and selfless dedication of these monks, Tsangpa Khangtsen now accommodates more than 170 monks.

Lobsang Geylek

14 years old from Nepal rural area, where there is lack of infrastructural facilities and he is from very poor family background. His parents’ occupation is porter. Few years back a massive earth quake in Nepal destroyed their house but fortunately everyone was saved.

He got two siblings, since there is no school around his area and his parents were illiterate and poor, they couldn’t send them to school. His parents are grateful for accepting Lobsang.

Lobsang Shenphel

9 years old from very poor family background in India. His parents work at road construction.  Due to financial problem, they couldn’t pay school fees. Among five sons, he’s the third one. Our senior approached the family and recommended to send to our Institution. His parents were grateful for accepting him and presently he’s studying in UKG. Your generosity and support towards his education is highly needed.

Lobsang Tsephel Sponsored

9 years old boy from India from Tibetan Settlement in Tawang Arunachal Pradesh, the most remote state, located in North East of India. He has seven siblings. Father passed away and his mother was not in the position to send him in school nor provide better future for her eight children. We recommended and guided his mother to send her child with us. Lobsang was admitted in Year 2017 and currently he’s studying in UKG.

Tenzin Shenye

Tenzin’s has three elder brothers and a sister. Currently he is studying at primary school at the monastery.

Lobsang Namgyal

10 years old boy from Nepal, where location held quite rural area.  His parents’ are farmer.  Lobsang has three siblings and he is the eldest of all. There’s no school around his area and his parents were illiterate and due to financial problem, they couldn’t send children to School. Lobsang was admitted in Year 2017 and studying in LKG. His parents were grateful that the monastery is taking care to pursue his studies Your support towards his education will be greatly appreciate.

Lobsang Thardo

11 years old boy from poor rural areas of Nepal. His parent’s works as a porter. Few years back because of massive earthquake in Nepal, destroyed their house but fortunately his family were all safe.

There is no school in his place and his parents were not in the position to send him to city private school. He’s only son and parent kept him at home. Our senior monks approached and admitted him. His parents were grateful that the monastery is providing good education and etc.

Choephel Ngawang

Date of Birth: October 18, 2005, Lachen Sikkim

Parents are doing agricultural work and sustain of their family’s livelihood. He has four brothers and one sister. Joined the monastery to learn Buddhist philosophy.  Studying in Sermey Thoesam School.

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