Seramey Thoesam School was founded in 1976 under the guidance of the re-established Sera-Mey Monastery. The school provides full-time, free education for children from destitute families, orphans and newly arrived refugees from Tibet. In the early days the small group of pupils took their lessons outside under the shade of the trees. There are now more than 300 pupils, aged from 5 to 17 years, who receive a modern education using Tibetan language in addition to Hindi, to prepare them for life as a layperson or as a fully ordained monk. The school receives no government funding and struggles to provide even the basic essentials for the boys. The aim or purpose of its establishment is to educate our young novice with the facilities of modern education. We specially care those who came from Tibet for monastic education and destitute who lives in this monastery. We appeal for your help anyway you can. 

Gelek Palsang       Adm No: 1322
Date of Birth: Feb 7, 2003

Studying at class III A in Sermey Thoesam School. He was born in Nepal to a very poor and large family. His parents are shepherd with large family members.  Without any proper income, they are facing very difficult life. Even the kids are not getting proper education.

Gelek Wangchuk    Adm No: 1317
Date of Birth: April 27, 2003

Studying in class III. Gelek was born in a poor family and his father work as mountaineer trekking guide for tourist. It is seasonal work, he have work only for four months in a year. His mother is a house wife doing house chores and looking after Gelek younger brother and sister. Their main sources of income is through cattle, like selling milk and farming in other people farm.

Lhundup Thokmey    Adm No: 1182
Date of Birth: February 6, 2008   

Studying at class III A. He was born in Lachen Gangtok to a single mother, who raised him. Their main sources of livelihood is through farming. He joined our institute few years back. Sermey Thoesam provides education, food, and health care free of cost to the 254 children living at Sera Mey Monastery.  We rely 100% on donations from sponsors like you.  Please help towards his education.

Thupten Tsering       Adm No: 1237
Date of Birth: July 4, 2006

Thupten, studying at class III A in Sermey Thoesam School. He was born in Tawang, India to a poor family. His parent work daily wage laborer in construction area. His mother is a housewife, he also has younger brother. They get the work on the seasonal basis. So it is very difficult for them to raised two kids with very low income. Thupten joined the institute in Year 2015.


Ngawang Nyima    Adm No: 1231
Date of Birth: June 12, 2006

Ngawang studying in 3rd grade. He was raised by single father, who raised him along with two younger sisters. He had very difficult life from without his mother and his father is not doing proper job. Sermey institution provides him and many others young novices from various remote places of India, Nepal and Bhutan the basic necessities such as food, housing, medical care and free of cost education. Any assistance towards his education would be highly appreciated.

Lhundup Yarphal    Adm No: 1185
Date of Birth: Jan 1, 2006

Studying in class III in Sermey Thoesam School. He was born in Ladkha, Idnia to a poor family. His father is only one who works and mother is housewife. Though his parent very much wish to send their children to far away school for better education but they do not have money to do so. Lhundup join local school in In his hometown and later joined our institute few years back. Lhundup need your support.

Sangay Tsering      Adm No: 1242
Date of Birth: October 26, 2004

Studying at grade II in Sermey Thoesam School. He was born in Tawang, India to a poor family consists of 6 members. His father is a car driver in the government office. His mother is a housewife looking after their toddler. Since his father is only the sources of income in the whole family, he couldn’t able to send his child to school as well as to provide meals to whole family.

Urgyen Phuntsok    Adm No: 1241
Date of Birth: May 2, 2005

Urgyen studying in grade III A. He was born in a poor family from Tawang, India. His father is the only source of income from their family. Whereas his mother looks after his two younger brother at home. Urgen joined our institute few years back. He has improved a lot in his studies and scored good marks in all subject.


Gelek Tharlam   Adm No: 1542
Date of Birth: April 25, 2005

Gelek: studying at class IV  in Sermey Thoesam School. He was born TadhaPani in Nepal. Father work as porter in hilly area for tourist. Gelek’s taken care by his father and his mother has passed away when he was a little. Father didn’t have sufficient income to send him to school. 2018 he was admitted at his Institute. Any assistance towards his education would be highly appreciated.

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