s_monks_shaluShalu Monastery was founded by Chetsun Shetsun Jugney in 1027 A.D at Shalu Village near Shigatse town in Tibet.  It is one of the oldest monasteries built during the later spread of Buddhism and was consecrated by the renowned Buddhist sage, Atisha (982-1034). In the early 14th Century, the monastery became one of the most famous centers of learning under the Abbotship of Buton Rinchen Drop (1290-1363 A.D), a great Buddhist scholar.  During his tenure as abbot, he personally supervised the creation of 449 tantric Mandalas and excelled in the fields of preaching, debating and composing.  The number of the monks rose to 7700.  During the Chinese invasion in 1959, Shalu was destroyed and the monks were imprisoned or forced to renounce their vows.  Shalu Monastery has been successfully constructed at Tibetan Cholsum Settlement, Bhuppur, Poanta Shaib India and was consecrated by Sakya Trichen Rinpoche in March 2005.   Currently there are 23 monks undergoing religious training who will soon be completing their studies.  The monastery does not have any source of income and no patron.  Your help is needed to keep Shalu from disappearing completely.  Your contribution would mean a lot to us.

Choelek Sangpo
Date/Place of Birth:  February 18, 2009/Assam

He is from poor farmer background family. Due to poor financial condition and many children in the family; He was enrolled in this monastery to Studies and practice Buddha dharma with modern education too. He loved playing cricket and easily mixes up to other fellow monks



Losel Tenkyong
Date/Place of Birth:  August 15, 2011/Assam

He’s from a small village called Joying Amguri Pathar. Both parent are divorced. He was look and care by his relatives and they enrolled to the monastery to studies religious text. He is a good learner and intelligent too. He has one younger brother same in this monastery.

Rinchen Namdak
Date/Place of Birth:  March 3, 2010/Assam

Rinchen belongs to very poor family from village called Balijuri, Assam. He is semi orphan, father passed away few year back due to illness. He has one brother and three sisters. His mother works as road construction laborer. Rinchen was was admitted at he monastery recently.

Pema Norbu
Date/Place of Birth:  October 6, 2011/Tsum Nepal

He is semi orphan. He has father and one elder brother. His mother expired when he was 7yrs old. Due to the poor financial condition of the family, enrolled in this monastery. He’s learning Buddhist text, English and other subjects. Happy to be part of Shalu Monastery.

Losel Khedup
Date/Place of Birth:  December 18, 2009/Assam

He is from poor farmer family background. Due to poor financial condition, both parents enrolled to monastery to learn Buddhist texts and modern education.  He loves playing soccer game and action in nature. Your kind sponsorship help toward him will be much grateful.

Tenzin Choerab
Date/Place of Birth:  March 16, 2010/Assam

He joined the monastery in year 2015. He’s from remote place of India. He has both parents. His parents are very poor. Both parents are doing road construction work. He has one younger brother. He is intelligent and good in studies.

Rinchen Chokdrup
Date/Place of Birth:  December 27, 2010/Assam

Rinchen came from small village in Assam State. He belongs to very poor family. Both parents are divorce. He has one brother. He joined the monastery with the help form his relatives. he is learning Buddhist text. He is very intelligent and quick learning. He likes to play football.

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