Keydong Thukche Choeling Nuns


group photos4Originally founded in the southwest Keydong region of Tibet, today lives on in exile in Kathmandu, Nepal. Established formally in 1982, the Keydong Nunnery exists due to the perseverance, courage, and dedication of a core group of women monastic’s who having fled Tibet in 1959, made the arduous journey across Tibet to found a new home for their nunnery. They first settled in the remote village of Helambu, Nepal, near the Tibet border, but it was overcome by floods in a monsoon in 1980 and so again these women moved on, determined to again reestablish their home. With the assistance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the local Tibetan Welfare Office, friends and other lay people, the nuns settled in Kathmandu. They were able to purchase a small piece of land and an old house. This was the beginning of the impressive nunnery that exists today in the heart of the Swayambu district of Kathmandu. The Nunnery houses over 120 Tibetan nuns from Tibet, India, and Nepal.

rsz_lobsang_kunphenLobsang  Kunphen Age – 13  
From- Makhanpur, Nepal

Lobsang Kunphen is a elder sister of Losang Rigdol. Both sisters admitted at Keydong Nunnery in June 2016,  Lobsang is very hard working nun.


Lobsang Lhazom    Age: 19

Lobsang’s from Rasuwa, Nepal. She has two younger sisters and one younger brother, all of them goes to local school.  Lobsang’s studying in grade 4 at Keydong nunnery.

Thubten Kalsang Age- 19  years old
From- Tawang, India

Thubten parents are farmer, they have small plot of land, where they grow vegetables and sell them in the market. The income that her parents earn from farming is not enough to support her family.


Lobsang Rabze Age: 14 years old
From- Dolpa, Nepal

Lobsang has eight family members. Three big brothers and one younger brother and one younger sister. Lobsang best subject is English.

Lobsang Losel


Lobsang Losel Age: 14 years old
From- Rasuwa, Nepal

Lobsang parents are farmers, they grow maize, chilly and rice in the small field and they sell to the market, they have cow, which they sells milk, butter and curd.  The income that they earn is not sufficient to take care of her family.


Lobsang Rigdol Age: 10 years old

Lobsang’s from a very poor family from Makwanpur, Nepal. She has seven family member. Her parents could not afford to pay her school fees for their children. Lobsang was admitted at Keydong Nunnery.


Lobsang Woeser  Age: 10 years old
From- Tsum Chule, Nepal

Lobsang’s from a very poor family. She has three elder sisters and one younger sister.  Eight members in her family.


Rinzing Dolma Age: 15 years old
From- Tawang, India 

She has thre
e sisters, her father works in a farm and her mother is a house-wife.  The income that her father earns is not sufficient to educate her children. Rinzing decided to join the nunnery along with few of her friends. She like writing Tibetan Hand-written and reading English texts.



Lobsang Kunsel Age: 12 years old
From- Makhanpur, Nepal

Lobsang parents are farmer in Nepal, they have small plot of land, where they grow potato, the income that her parents earn from farming is not enough to support her family. Lobsang has two younger sisters and one younger brother, who’s a monk in Zongachode Monastery in South India.

Lobsang Rigsang
Lobsang Rigsang Age: 12 years old
From – Makhanpur, Nepal

Losang’s family have small plot of land where they grow crops, due to earthquake in Nepal, they face lots of problem. They don’t have house to live. Her father visited the nunnery for an admission for Lobsang.





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