Thangtong Lugar Performing Arts (TLPA) was founded by Mr. Phuntsok Tsering in Dharamsala to preserve and promote all aspects of the rich tradition of Tibetan performing arts, especially Tibetan opera.  Tibetan performance traditions are on the verge of extinction in Tibet , where authorities are systematically changing songs, dance, music and opera to serve ideological ends.   TLPA conducts research in traditional Tibetan performing arts, provides a five-year course to train young talent, and organizes seminars, workshops and performances, within the exile community and around the world, to create awareness about the rich performing arts of Tibet.  Your sponsorship will help TLPA to preserve authentic Tibetan music, dance, and opera for future generations.



Please note that from September 2015 onward, The Tibet Fund will charge a $5 fee for each quarterly sponsorship payment made via credit card to partially cover the cost associated with credit card fees, wire transfers to India, and other processing fees.

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