The Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA), based in Dharamsala, India, was the first of several institutions established in exile by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, following the Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1959. The primary mission of TIPA is to preserve the cultural identity of Tibetans by keeping alive our artistic traditions and by sharing them with the world. Tibetan children between 11-17 years of age who are interested in the performing arts are recruited and trained at TIPA School . In addition to lessons on fundamentals of Tibetan music and dance, they are also provided with opportunity to pursue the regular academic curriculum, as laid down by Indian Government. Many of the students are new refugees from Tibet whose parents sent them into exile to get an education.


Tenzin Choeyang, code#: T-102
Date of Birth: December 18, 2001

Tenzin’s from Bylakuppe, Tibetan settlement in South India. She has one elder brother and one younger sister.  Her father served in an Indian Defence force and is currently a discharged serviceman. He had an accident while performing a stunt (air jump) and has been discharged.Her mother is a housewife. All the family depends on the sole income of a father pension.

Tenzin completed 11th standard CST Bylakuppe. Her mother was a member in Tibetan Opera Association and used to perform opera on special occasions, seeing her mom practice opera in-home and at the festival led her interest, desire and love for opera. At school, she plays an instrument in a school band party and has participated in all the extracurricular activities; be it a debate, sports, or cultural dance competition. She loves arts: music and dance. Since a child, she dreams of joining TIPA and even told her parents about that. To pursue her dream and passion, she enrolled at TIPA and successfully passed through the series of auditions . She loves playing basketball, skipping and racket.


Karma Wangyal, code#: T-96
Date of Birth: September 14, 2002

Born to a humble middle-class family to father Hari Rai, mother Tsultim Sangmo in Gangtok, Sikkim, north-eastern part of India.

He completed 9th grade from CST Kalimpong. loves dancing since 1st grade and often participates and perform in every music platform. He has a vision of becoming a music teacher someday. Early 2019, he gave an audition at TIPA and has passed in all the audition procedures. Apart from his passion for music, he loves playing basket, football and guitar.

His family consist of his mother and seven siblings. His parents got separated. His  mother is a sole bread earner in the family. Therefore, it was a challenge to support the ever-growing needs of the family.  They largely depend on scholarships to fund further studies of the children.


Tenzin Lhakpa, code#: T-103
Date of Birth: January 19, 2004

Tenzin’s from Kollegal Tibetan Settlement in South India. He has one sister attending 12th grade.  His parents were into seasonal business and every winter they do business in Tatanagar, Jharkhand and all of the family are dependent on the single income earned in a seasonal business.

Tenzin completed 8th grade from STS Kollegal School. Since an early age, he has participated in every event at the settlement and school, dancing Tibetan songs and other dance forms. He has sung solo Tibetan song in 2017 GCM gathering and he aspires to become a professional performer. To pursue his aspiration, he enrolled in TIPA and has passed all the audition test. Apart from his passion for music, he loves to play football.


Tenzin Younten, code#: T-93
Date of Birth: January 6, 2002

Tenzin’s from Hunsur Tibetan Settlement in South India. He has two younger sisters, both are attending school. His father works as a driver and mother worked in a Tibetan Settlement Office in Hunsur.

He completed his 9th grade from STS, Hunsur. As a child, he has been a performer, loved to dance, sing and play instruments. Every year, he participated in the south zone Music shows in India. He has a huge craze in guitars. In every leisure time, he learn to play guitar, and aspire to become a professional guitarist someday. Since his family, found his interest in music and performing arts, they told him about an audition happening in TIPA, he applied for audition and got selected.


Tenzin Phenthok, code#: T-91
Date of Birth: October 24, 2000  

Tenzin’s from Cholsum Tibetan Settlement, Paonta Sahib in the Northern Part of India. She has one younger brother.

Her father and mother were a Teacher in T.C.V Gopalpur. And later migrated to France, all the family are dependent on the income and hard work of their parents.

Tenzin’s completed 9th grade from TCV Suja. Music is her passion. She used to learn and choreograph dance steps on her own. She participates in most of the school dance festival to showcase various dance forms. She was a dancer in a school team and singer in a band group. She aspires to become a professional singer. And to accomplish her dream, she has given an audition in TIPA in 2017 and got selected after passing all the audition procedures.


Tashi Choedon, code#: T-100
Date of Birth: September 28, 1999

Tashi’s from Ladakh, Sonamling Tibetan settlement in the Northern part of India. She has two sisters and one brother. She’s the younger of all.

Her father is a driver in a Bylakuppe settlement office, and her mother is a housewife.  Mostly, her mother resides in Ladakh looking after her parents as they are very old. All of the family are dependent on a single income of a father.

Tashi graduated high school from TCV Suja. She used to play sport and participate in the intercultural competition every year. She won an award securing the first place in duet song. Nevertheless, music is her passion. Singing and dancing are almost in her daily activities. Her vision is to become a singer and gave first audition in 2018, where she got rejected and again give the second audition in 2019 and got selected successfully, went through all the audition procedure secretly, and passed through the series and finally informed her parents.


Tenzin Thinley, code#: T-105
Date of Birth: September 15, 2004

Tenzin’s from Himachal Pradesh in the Northern Part of India. His father is a Tibetan School driver, and his mother is a tailor. He has one brother studying in 4th grade.

Tenzin completed 8th grade from Lower TCV School. He loves listening to songs and participated in a different singing competition at school. When he was little, he visited the TIPA to watch a performance. From that moment itself, he made a firm decision that he wants to be an artist. To pursue his dream, he auditions in 2019 successfully passed through the series of auditions that TIPA conducted.


Tashi Gyaltsen, code#: T-101
Date of Birth: July 16, 2004

Tashi’s from Norgeling Tibetan settlement, Bandra in Maharashtra western part of India. He has two brothers, one is a monk and younger brother, attending school at Upper TCV School.

His parents does seasonal business during winter in Chhatarpur, Nagpur. And during the offseason, they run small restaurants back at home in Bandra.

Tashi completed eight standards from TCV Suja. He has a passion for music from an early age, loves playing the drums and other instruments. In 2016, he participated in Inter-house Tibetan cultural dance competition at school and secured a runner up position. His music teacher notices his interest in music and with his help, audition for TIPA and successfully got selected after thorough auditionion test. Apart from his passion for music, he loves swimming, playing football, basketball and tennis.


Tenzin Yodon, code#: T-92
Date of Birth: July 26, 2001

Tenzin’s from Lhasa, Tibet. She was taken care of her single mother, who escaped from Tibet when she was three, along with her elder brother and relatives. She got admitted to THF School in Mussoorie.  She completed 9th grade.

She loves watching movies and dramas and her interest and passion for the acting, aspires her to become a drama and music instructor someday. To accomplish her dream, with the help of her school music instructor, she applied at TIPA and successfully got selected after thorough audition procedures.


Tenzin Yega, code#: T-106
Date of Birth: November 9, 1998        

Tenzin’s from Odisha, Phuntsokling Tibetan Settlement, she has 3 sisters and she’s the youngest of all. Her father served an Indian Defence Force and now is a retired serviceman. Unexpectedly, her father diagnosed to paralysis, which led to a huge disaster to the family, everybody is dependent on the father pension.

She attended Peteon School and fond of music and dances. But was skeptical about her career and scared of telling her passion to parents. Her parents couldn’t send three sisters to a college due to the financial crises but promised to do so for her. Tenzin attended Central University for Tibetan Studies in Varanasi for 2 years after completing high school. During College time, she has participated in various music and dance shows and festival, which revive her interest into music and this time her parents question about her interest, and later suggested about giving an audition to TIPA, where she got selected after a thorough selection process and test.


Tenzin Lhadon, code#: T-90
Date of Birth: March 8, 2001

Tenzin’s from Miao Tibetan settlement, Arunachal Pradesh in the eastern part of India  She was taken care of her single father. Who was then working as a sewer for high lama’s clothes, but couldn’t continue due to health issue.

She completed 11th grade from Upper TCV School, she loves dancing difference dance style, participated in Intercultural dance competition at school. In 2017, she gave audition at TIPA to achieve her passion and luckily got selected and pursuing her dreams.


Tenzin Dickey, code#: T-89
Date of Birth: June 5, 1997

Tenzin’s from Bylakuppe, Tibetan Settlement in South India. She has two siblings. She is the eldest of all. Her two-younger sister are attending School in her village.

Her father does a self-operated business, as a driver. Her mother runs a small restaurant.  Tenzin  completed 11th grade from CST Mundgod School. She’s fond of music and arts as a child and participates in most of the settlement dance and song competition where she was even awarded for outstanding performance. In her village, she voluntarily gives basic Tibetan dance and song lessons to the school kids. She audition in 2015 and rejected, she tried for the alternative way to achieve her mission then gave an audition in other Tibetan art Institute called Thangtong lhugar and got selected. After spending 2 years there, she gave second audition in TIPA and got selected after a thorough audition test. At first, her family was skeptical about her choice, but now they support her decision and motivate her to even work harder to become a fine artist. 

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