Tsering Elder’s Home

IMG_20180221_154725Tibetans have lived as refugees for many years and the number of aged Tibetans is increasing.  Many of these elders do not have either social support or families to care for them so the need is urgent for elder housing where their basic needs are met.  The Tsering Elder Home was constructed in Kathmandu , Nepal in 2003 with seed money to purchase land from His Holiness the Dalai Lama and funding from the Tibet Fund for construction of the home. Currently there are 42 elders (20 female and 22 male) receive a safe and warm place to live as well as nutritious meals, health and social services, and clothing at the Home.  The Home has no source of permanent income to help meet the daily expenses of the elders and for the maintenance expenses of the home and for staff salaries and must therefore solicit funding. 

Place & Date of Bir
th: Kyidong , Tibet: 1945

She came to Nepal with her parents when she was 13 years crossing the border and settled in Shabru Tibetan Camp in Rasuwa. She lived there by farming for around 10 years. Then she moved to Kathmandu with her family and settled in Tibetan camp in Jawalakhel. She married there and had three sons and a daughter. But unfortunately her first husband passed when she was 37 years old. She worked in a carpet factory there run by Tibetan Government in Exile for 30 years. When she was 54 years old, she met her second husband and left her job. Since then, her children went themselves to live their life. She lives with her husband at Boudha and nobody to take care of them. Due to old age and not able to help oneself as before so that she was admitted in Tsering Elders home on 21.08.2018.

Place & Date of Bir
th: Zaechung, Tibet: 1946

When he was 3 years old, his family came into exile to Kathmandu, Nepal and settled there. He got married with Mrs Tso Dolma at the age of 25 years old. They had a small family with two sons. He worked in carpet manufacturing company for long. In the year 1981, he divorced with his wife. His wife left him and took both sons with her. He had a difficult time and no place for a shelter to live. Finally, one of his friend/co-worker knew about his living condition. So, he let him to lean on his shoulder and gave shelter to live with his family. At the age of 64, he left his job. His friend Sangay was always by his side in his ups and down till at the age of 74. Now, Sangay got some financial issues and not able to bring him up. So, he requested to keep Dawa at Tsering Elders Home.

Place & Date of birth: Dingri,  Gangkar 1953

Tobgay escaped from Tibet and settled in Khunde village, Solukhumbu, Nepal. He worked in construction site and shepherd at Sherpa community. And at the age of 25, he got married and had child, but unfortunately due to illness, he lost his only child at his age of 14 years. Four years back, he lost his dear wife. Then he had a very miserable life. His income was not enough to fulfill his basic needs. Even though he struggles a lot but due to his right-hand problems, he is not able to put effort on his work. So, finally he has to admit Tsering Elders Home, Tinchuli, Nepal.

Place & Date of Birth: Abchen, Ngari, Tibet

When he was around 12 years old, his family fled Tibet after the Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1959. They came through the border between Tibet and Nepal in Gurkha and they settled in Nubri for three years by selling cattles brought from Tibet with support of the local people. They moved to Neshang where they hired house and farm from the local people and they had to pay back half of the crop to the land lord as a rent against the land utilized. His father passed away due to cancer and his mother passed away 10 years ago in an old age home in Pokhara. He married twice but he never had a child from his two wives. After divorcing from his second wife, he lived a single life. He worked as a cowboy of their village, used to get groceries as pay for his work and then finally he worked as the steward of a Khera Gonpo Dorjee monastery for three years. Then the concern authorities removed from the job, due to his old age, there was no way that he could find a job and he doesn’t have anyone to look after him. So he was admitted here in Tsering Elders home on December 5, 2019.

Pema Tsewang
Palce & Date of Birth: Mentoe, Tibet, 1934

Born in Tibet to a peasant family and when he was around twenty years old. His family welcomed a bride for his elder brother and him, where a polyandry was very much prevalent in olden days in Tibet. She gave birth to seven children but only one survived, six of them passed away at very early age. In 1959 they fled Tibet through Nagpa La pass to upper Solukhumbu in Nepal. They stayed in Namche for three years doing petty business for living. Their wife returns to Tibet to meet her parents but never able to come to Solukhumbu. After three years, they moved to a place called Shorong in Lower Solukhumbu as they got a house in a newly built Tibetan settlement. They were given a farm and they used to grow potato, radish and green vegetables for their living. During off farming season he or his elder brother used to go to upper Solukhumbu and sometimes to Kathmandu for small business. They lived in lower Solukhumbu for thirty years moved to Kathmandu city and continued their small businesses for living. Later his elder brother passed away and their only child already married, went to live with in-law’s family. He lived a single life for many years but due to poor health, visibility, old age and no one to look after him. He was admitted in Tsering Elders Home on May 17, 2019. 

Place & Date of Bir
th: Shota Lho, Tibet: 1938

When he was 8 years old, he joined to Ngor Monastery in Shota Lho and became a monk. Later he went to Lhasa, when he was 20 years and admitted to Drepung Monastery for monastic education for 3 years. As the family constantly insisted to return to home, he left Drepung monastery and moved to Shota Lho. Under Chinese rule he worked as a road construction and laborer till 1979. In 1980 he came from Shota Lho to Lhasa for pilgrim and at the time instead of return to his hometown, he fled into exile in India. He stayed one year at Dharamsala. Later he came to Nepal for the sake of job and worked in a dying unit as a gatekeeper until he was unable to work due to his knees problem. He was admitted in the Tsering Elders Home in 2006.

Pasang Tenzin
Place & Date of Birth: Solukhumbhu, Nepal, 1954

His father was a monk of Sera Monastery in Tibet. He and three of his friends decided to come to Nepal for a pilgrimage to visit Holy Boudhanath Stupa in mid-1950 by crossing the Nangpa la pass. Stayed in Solukhumbu to recite the Buddhist texts and for puja. There he met a Tibetan woman who had come there earlier than him and got married. They gave birth to three sons and two of his little brothers passed away because of tuberculosis and cancer in one year, almost 20 years ago. Again after five years, another tragic struck him as his mother passed away and three years later, his father passed away as well. He had married a local woman who was much older than him but they never had a child and she also passed away. For the past ten years, he survived through the support from the locals and little money he saved as porter and cook . As getting older his right hand became senseless by fell down. As not availability of proper medication in the remote area, facing lots of hardships and no one to look after him. He was admitted here in Tsering Elders home on October 4, 2019.

Sherab Gyaltsen
Place & date of Birth: Tadue, Tibet; 1941

1959, he fled from Tibet at age 11 with his family and stayed Powa Village (Mustang) for a couple of year in doing shepherd.
After that, when he was 20 years old, he joined in Tibetan guerilla (Cheshi Gangdu) Pokhara, Nepal and during the time period, he made the relationship with widow women who have one daughter, but she passed away in her early age. After 2 years of services in
guerilla camp, he was sent to Dheradun Tibetan Army and served there about 8 years. Then he had to discharge from the army due to his medical health issue. After retiring he came back to Pohkara and worked in a carpet factory about 20 years. He left the work for new job as gatekeeper in Pharping for another 10 years. Due to his age and poor financial condition and no one to look after him, he came to the decision to join Tsering Elders Home. He was admitted in Tsering elders’ home on January 3, 2020.

Pema Yangzom Sponsored

Place & Date of birth: Markham, Tibet: July 1, 1930

She was born in Tibet and came to exile when she was 30 years old. After coming to Nepal, she went to Pokhara and worked in carpet factory for around 7 years. Later she came to Kathmandu and again worked in carpet factory for many years. She’s married when she was forty years old but has no child. Her husband also passed away . Due to her old age and has no one to take care  of her. She was admitted in Tsering Elders Home on June 16, 2017.

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