Jangchub Choeling Nunnery


Digital StillCameraWith the vision and support of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.  Jangchub Choeling Nunnery  is a Buddhist Center in Mundgod,Southern India. Founded in 1987. 

Today there are about 250 nuns who call Jangchub Choeling their home.  The nuns range from the age of 9 years to 76 years. Most of the nuns are from Tibet and also from different parts of India, there are nuns from foreign countries like, Bhutan, Nepal, South Korea and Taiwan.

Jangchub Choeling is an educational institution for women who vigorously pursue the study of Buddhist scriptures in the Nalanda tradition, culminating in the Geshema Degree (Doctoral Degree).   We have ten Teachers from Gaden and Drepung Monastery, including the Abbot, philosophy, grammar and poetry teachers. One of the teacher teaches science to the students. Five of our nuns teach philosophy and English to the young nuns.

Philosophy is one of the main subjects; the nuns also study Pramana (logic), Prajnaparamita (Perfection of Wisdom), Madhyamika (Middle Way), Abhidhama (Treasure of Knowledge) and Vinaya (Monastic discipline). The nuns receive a certificate upon completion of each of the main texts.

Lobsang Pemo

Place & Date of birth: 24 years old/ Bhutan

Lobsang’ joined the nunnery on January 6, 2020. Her sister is also a nun in the same nunnery. She was raised by single mum. Her dad passed away in her younger age. She got an opportunity to attend till tenth standard. She wish to become nun to help more sentient beings.  She would thank anyone who would support her to study in the nunnery.

Rinchen Wangmo

Place & date of birth: 24 years old/Bhutan

Rinchen’s newly joined the nunnery on January 16th, 2020. She wishes to become nun since in her early age. Both parents are famer and she have one elder brother. Their only source of income is from farming. She wants to be studious and put more effort in Buddhist philosophy. She will be grateful to anyone who support her to continue her studies.



Sonam Chuskit

Place & date of birth: 18 years old/ Ladakh

Sonam’s from Zanskar, she has seven family members. She became nun in year 2013 and stayed five years in ladakh nunnery. She happy to study in Jangchub Choeling nunnery in Buddhist philosophy and more others subjects as well.She would be grateful to anyone who could help her in her spiritual journey.


Ugyen Lhamo

Place & date of birth: 25 years old/Bhutan

Ugyen has eight family members. Her mother left when she was seven years old. She didn’t get a chance to study in school. She was helping her father, when she reached 20years of age, she decided to become nun, stayed four years in Bhutan nunnery and later joined Jangchub Choeling nunnery to continue her study. She would be grateful anyone support her.

Lobsang Wangmo

Place & date of birth: 17 years old/Ladakh

Lobsang arrived in this nunnery on January 6, 2020. She admire life of nun and happy to be one of them. She has three siblings and they are right now in Zanskar studying in school. Her parents are farmers and their livelihood depend on farming. She would be grateful for anyone who could support her.

Tsering Dolkar

Place & date of birth: 12 years old/Ladakh

Tsering’s from Zanskar, she arrived at the nunnery in 2019. She has three elder sisters and one younger sister. She studied till 5th grade in school and then became nun. She’s interested in learning Buddhist Philosophy and all kinds of subjects. She would be grateful to anyone who could support her.

Tenzin Padma

Place & date of birth: 21 years old/Spiti, India

Tenzin’s raised by her single father, she has five siblings and she is the youngest among all. Their livelihood depends on the farming. She has completed her studies till 12th grade. She wishes to become nun and joined the nunnery. She would be grateful if anyone whose kindness could help her journey in spiritual life.

Yonten Wangmo

Place & date of birth: 24 years old/Bhutan

Yonten has two younger sisters. Her father work in the field and recently passed away. She went to school till 4th grade. She always wanted to become a nun and happy to be part of the nunnery and grateful that she joined Jangchub Choeling nunnery. She would be grateful to anyone who could help her in continuation of her spiritual journey.


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