Jawalakhel Elder's Home

The Old Aged Home at Jawalakhel was built by Help Aged Organization, UK, Jawalakhel Handicraft Center (JHC) and Snow Lion Foundation (SLF) and opened on 1st October 1992. The capacity of this Old Home is 25 old people, 15 from JHC and 10 from Snow Lion Foundation. It’s a three storied buildings in which there are 12 double rooms and 4 single rooms with small store and dinning hall, kitchen and storeroom. Besides the building, they have a garden and a big prayer wheel (Mani Lhakhang) this is for those people who are quite old and could not go out of the compound; they can go for circumambulation of the prayer wheel in their free time. At present, there are 16 elders in Old Aged Home, Jawalakhel.

Choezin Sponsored

Place and Date of Birth: 1934, Kepyang, Bongpa

Choezin fled to exile when she was only 27 years old. Tragically, her parents and sister passed away and was left alone. She has a cousin brother who often comes to meet her.   She worked as carpet weaver in Jawalakhel Handicraft centre for many years.  She feels sad to see the carpet centre damaged by earthquake.   As she couldn’t work, she is now admitted in Jawalakhel elderly home where she is well taken care of. 


Mangthoe Sponsored

Place and Date of Birth: 1954, Dhingri, Tibet

Mangthoe was toddler when he came to exile. He remembers living in Solukhumbu for a while before coming to Kathmandu. He worked in carpet factory for his livelihood but became jobless when it closed down. With no income and deteriorating health, he was admitted in Jawalakhel elderly home where everything is taken care of.                                                              

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